Voles often move into old gopher and mole runs.  They create small, open holes that are about the size of a golf ball. Then, voles will eat the grass that surrounds each hole.  They may even carve trails into he grass from hole to hole or to food source. They eat laws, new growth and bark on shrubs and trees.  This can lead to devastation in a landscape and kill even large and established trees and plants.
Our expert staff can get rid of voles fast.  We strategically and carefully place bait in their open holes.  Our team is careful and thorough to remove the voles quickly.  We look for a dry day to place the bait, since water deactivates the bait.  The voles eat the bait and pass away underground in their tunnels.  It’s a good idea to monitor the tunnels and let us know if any holes stay open.  Call in and ask about our guaranty on vole control.

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