Moles eat grubs, worms and insects underground. They tunnel close to the surface, sometimes leaving pushed up trails and volcanic mounds. The dirt the push up is chunky like they are bulldozing it out of their way. While moles don’t eat plants, they can create a mess and can break the roots of lawns and some plants! We are expert mole exterminators and also go green with traps for control.
For moles we set traps in the runs that are staked down underground. Most of these traps are not visible or accessible from the surface. Traps are monitored every seven to ten business days, but we usually are even faster than that. We continue checking our traps until no new activity is seen. This means we will not stop service based on time spent or a number of visits, but instead dependent on whether or not the activity is actually under control. We also offer a 30 day guarantee after our last visit. This means we will come back out within 30 days from our last visit at your property and reset traps at a reduced rate instead of the full trap set up fee!

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